Sunday, October 8

Something Old, Something New....

I want to take a second in between my posts of my Europe trip from last October and slip in some news from now. Pastry Chef Dana Cree (Bickford) and I are teaming up to prepare a 12 course menu October 22nd for Gypsy. I am terribly excited not only about the opportunity to create and execute a Gypsy dinner, but about the collaboration with Dana, an extremely talented and innovative artisan. One doesn't need to wait to see her career take off; it does each and every time she places a plate down in front of someone.

Whether we like to admit it or not, chefs, artists, writers... all people who create for a living are in need of bursts of inspiration to avoid getting into a rut. Sitting down with Dana over a delicious bowl of Beef Brisket and Wontons with Noodles at Canton Noodle House provided me with just that bit of inspiration. Below is a tentative menu for our dinner. There are 18 openings, not sure how many are left currently. Contact the Gypsy website if you are interested.

Celery root crostata
Parmesan and buttered leeks

Parsnip Soup
Apple ice cream, parsnip chips

Piquillo pepper, Seafood Mousseline
Pistachio-olive tapenade, preserved lemon

Seared Hamachi
Shiso, Plum salad

Beans and bacon, tomato confit

Grilled Squab
mushrooms, huckleberry sauce

Braised Spiced Short Rib
Farro with kabocha, seared fall greens

Cheese Course
Pastilla of Pecorino and quince

Autumn Fritters
Bay ice cream

Honey'd chocolate cake
Pears, Hazelnut Cocoa Ice cream, Honey Sabayon

Campfire Apples
Smoked seasalt caramel, burnt sugar ice cream, candied oats


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