Tuesday, September 26


I remember hearing my fellow blogistas tell me that they loved the writing but hated the pressure of having to produce all the time. That their readers would start whining if more than a week went by without a post. I, on the other hand, have resisted all pressure from my 4 readers and have produced nary a word in over 2 months.

I apologize. Is it now excuse time? Would a breakup of a 12 year relationship, a home sale and moving be enough of an excuse? I do believe now I'm the whiner. It's been a rough summer and early fall, but I feel the beginning ripples of a resurfacing and with that, the desire to start writing again. I'll try hard to avoid the overwrought analogy model... but things really do go in waves and as I attempt to get myself off the ground, dust myself off and jump back in the saddle I have high hopes for posting some of the career highlights I've been fortunate to experience throughout it all. There's that. And that is a lot to be grateful for.


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